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WOW GOLD MVP - Horde Northrend Leveling Guide

Horde Northrend Leveling Guide

Welcome back to the Horde Northrend Leveling Guide. By now you should be between 2-3 “bulbs” until level 71 or at level 71 (if you went out and grinded a bit). Either way we last left off with “The Culler Cometh” from the lovely people at the D.H.E.T.A. Encampment. If you’re joining the guide and are around level 71 then you’ll want to head back and start the D.H.E.T.A. quest line if you haven’t already.

Head due south from the encampment to do the culler quest. It's easy, slay the quest npc and run from its two stealth ads. Go the encampment to turn in and get "The Abaonded Reach" if you haven't. Go to 58,55 (nearby the culler) and talk to Hierophant Liandra (a bird) and turn in “The Abandoned Reach” and accept “Not On Our Watch”. You need 12 Shipment’s of Animal Parts and they drop off the nearby Thugs, Mercanaries, crates, and bags. Kill the thugs and mercanaries near the bags and crates and then loot everything. Within no time you’ll be finished and ready to go turn in. Walk back to Hierophant Liandra to accept your reward.

Pick up the followup, The Nefarious Clam Master… which is going to ask you to slay “Clam Master K” (hey that kind of rhymes). He’s under the sea at 62,67 wandering around. You need to be careful of sharks (they hurt and there is a lot of them) and Alliance (Valience Keep is right next door and you could be within the scope of a Hunter. Kill him (no need to loot a head or anything icky from under the water) and then zoom right back to the encampment (we’re done with the neat bird). You’ll want to try to avoid tagging too many of the thugs and mercenaries behind you. At the encampment, Hierophant Cenius will be there to take the quest. The followup will be with Arch Druid Lathorius who will offer the final quest here… The Assassination of Harold Lane.

Alright, here is the deal. Remember back over there west of the camp the guy named Harold Lane where if you pulled him he threw furs at you? Yeah, his quest is worth 30k experience and I’m going to highly suggest you get it done. There are three ways to get this quest done. The first if you’re a class that can easily solo elites above your level. If this is the case then go solo him. At level 70 with 8,500 health he did about 1/7th of my health an attack but attacked slow. Next is to get anyone else in the zone who is on the quest to come help. The last option is to get a high level friend to come back and beat him up real quick for you. If you can’t do any of these, then that’s fine – you’re just going to miss 30,000 XP, a really nice reward, and an achievement.

Go to 54,36 and you’ll see two quests, go ahead and pick them up. You’ll get Reclaiming the Quarry and The Honored Ancestors. Coldrock Quarry is right nearby (if you must have a cord then 51,34) and will be full of Beryl Treasure Hunters that look a lot like Death Knights in robes. You’ll want to kill them while moving about to the three “elders”. They are at 53,34 for Elder Sagani, 52,21 for Elder Takret, and 51,32 for Elder Kesuk. Don’t let the reclaimers get in your way yet, they’re up later.

Now, the Beryl Reclaimers should be your target. Kill them until you get three Gnome Grenades and then use them at 51,33 (the rocks are a good spot), 52,32 and 53,34. Basically you’re targeting the big, giant, blue floating things in the sky. After you’re done return once more for… you’re right! More quests.

Now get Pick up the Pieces and A Visit to the Curator. The items you need are on the ground, so casually go pick them up until the quest is done. For the curator he’s up at 50,30 on a platform and is pretty easy. Just take him out (has about a 2 minute respawn timer). Return, turn in, and then get the last quest Leading the Ancestors Home. Easy, visit the three elders and use your items.