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Bag organization gold, or utter failure?My bags and my bank are always in a state of utter disaster. You may think I’m exaggerating but I’m pretty sure that a state of emergency could be declared on my inventory. I am constantly in a frenzy trying to find items that I know are in my bags or bank and seem to have vanished into some void.

So I was more than a little intrigued when ArkInventory came up for me to review. I have never tried out any kind of inventory mod and I honestly had my doubts about them. So I downloaded the mod with reservations, and expected to be disappointed and quickly revert to using the standard bag interface. Was this the case? Or was I pleasantly surprised? Find out below!

Mod Name: ArkInventory
Category: Bags and Inventory
Author: Arkayenro
Version Reviewed At: 3.02.34
Homepage: Click Here

Ark Inventory (AI) is an inventory mod (as the name implies) that is based off the no longer functional EngInventory. AI seeks to replace the standard bag, bank, and even key ring interface to make it more manageable, and also to help players find items with ease. AI is useable from installation and no real

Instead of being forced to open each of your individual bags, AI will open all your bags into a single large bag grid, and your bank will now also appear in a similar frame. From this frame you can easily see how many bags you have, and how many items are in each bag. If you hover over the bags, it will highlight which items are currently in that bag. You are also able to view your mail, bank, items you are wearing, your mounts, and tokens quickly and easily, although you cannot modify them all.

The mod also gives you a nifty little button that will automatically restack similar items in your bags with just a click. You are also able to view the bags and banks of any other character on your account, however you cannot interact directly with them. AI also provides a search function that easily lets the user find any item in their bags as long as they have a general idea of what it’s called.

In all these aspects I was very pleased with this mod. I loved being able to use it right out of the box so to speak. I finally was able to find everything I needed in my bags by simply typing in the first few letters of the item name. I was also easily able to check other characters, and even my own bank to see if I had materials instead of being forced to log from character to character as usual. Packrats (such as myself) will love this mod as it will make their lives significantly easier.

There is however sadly enough a downside to this seemingly excellent mod. AI attempts to organize your items into categories. When downloaded, AI automatically assigns your items to default categories, and it’s really not a terrible thing. However if you are looking to modify those categories, then you may be in for more than you bargained for.

Maybe it was just me, but I could not figure out how to configure the categories. Even after reading the information available on the website it just didn’t work out for me. I tried various things and spent quite a while trying to make the changes I desired, in the end I just ended up frustrated and no closer to changing things than when I had started. While this may have been exclusive to me, I really feel like work needs to be done to make the category configurations more user friendly.

That’s not to say that everything in the mod was hard to configure. Simply typing /ai config will open up a menu that will easily allow you to change many small things about the mod, such as font, and size of the bag box. Ultimately this helped take away some of the bad taste in my month the struggles with configuring the categories left with me.

Overall I was satisfied with this mod. It did what it was supposed to do, and made my bags and bank far more efficient and easier to sift through. While I was disappointed with some of the configuration, the overall ease of using the rest of the mod, and the other perks it brought to my gaming experience far outweighed any negatives. I personally am going to continue using the mod, and I would defiantly recommend it to any of my friends struggling with inventory management.