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WoW Podcast Roundup and Review

Round'Em Up
Following is a podcast roundup of the current crop of podcasts on my iPod that center on World of Warcraft (plus a few bonus podcasts). I have fairly simple criteria for making it onto my iPod. The elements of a successful show may not be comedy or hard-hitting news but overall it needs to be fun to listen to and provide information in a way that’s easy on the ears (don’t even start with the easy listening!).

Some podcasts have been around for a while, others are fairly recent additions. There have been many podcasts go the way of Tabula Rasa so I’ve not included any in the round-up who haven’t posted an update in 4 months. In any case following are some of the podcasts and how they fit into the overall WoW-podcast landscape. I’ve listed the casts in order of how you should listen to them – i.e. If you have a short/select amount of time start at the top and if you have more keep adding from the list.

One of the longest running and most consistent podcasts out there. The two hosts (Scott and Randy) have been at this a while and Scott is a professional so the show sounds good. Randy provides some great insight into what is happening in WoW and acts as the WoWGuru while Scott plays the “everyman.” The podcast also started the largest guild in the world Alea Iacta Est (AIE) which has created spin-off podcasts as well as a great marketing tool for the podcast. This is the granddaddy of them all, I can’t do it justice in a paragraph. This and Warcast are two of the only casts that are family friendly. Be careful, most podcasts with the “Explicit” tag deserve it.

This show has gone through a few iterations but has finally hit its stride. Adding Turpster as a pseudo permanent co-host, Mike (lead host) brings an interesting cast of additional hosts each week to add flavor and their specialty to the mix. This show is also one of the more consistent publications and is a routine favorite of mine.

Bind On Equip

Aussies always have a good time and this group of Aussies is fun to listen to while they discuss WoW, life and work (not necessarily in that order). They can get derailed for good chunks of time so if you are looking for an RSS feed of constant news, keep looking. I would love to meet this group at a pub for a few dozen pints.

All Things Azeroth

A good blend of social commentary and what’s happening in WoW. This team of Medros and Graece provide recent news updates and how it will affect their gaming, hence our gaming. It’s a very casual crew that may not provide real hard core info but gives people a glimpse into the hosts’ lives on the Horde.

Proudmoore Pansies

These two guys are the yin and yang of competitive and compassionate. Nate Arizona and Galatix cover the range of happenings of their guild on the Proudmoore server. Some weeks the Alliance guild runs end game raids and the guys are abuzz about phat lewt, while other weeks guild drama brings a more reality show feel to the table. Some shows are definitely more action packed than others, but always worth checking in on this sometimes quite explicit show.

WoW Radio: Casually Hardcore

The team of Gnomewise, Grail, Gwenora and Iolite bring a full contingent of people to the podcast. One of the better group settings, the hosts play well off of each other and provide banter that seems natural. As the name implies, the group discusses their trials and tribulations of hardcore players without a lot of the raiding variety.

WoW Radio: Blue Plz!

Total Biscuit is the man behind the machine that is WoWRadio. Love him or not, he does have that cool English accent and pulls no punches. His attitude has run off some good people (in my opinion) but the show must go on. The show is still finding its legs but TB is a good listen and brings a point of view that others may not have reported.