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RaidBuffStatus Beginners Guide

RaidBuffStatus (RBS) is an add on that is designed to check, show, and report the buff status of your party. Unlike other similar addons, RBS does this intelligently. If you are confused as to what that might mean here is an example based on the one given on the mod’s homepage; only if there is a Mage present in your raid will the mod check for an intellect buff, and it will not check the buffs of players who are not in the same zone as the rest of your party.

So I was more than a little excited to start testing out this mod, as it sounded quite literally to be the answer to my raiding prayers. Once installed I noticed right away that as the website claims, RBS is useable right out of the box, instantly gaining the mod some extra bonus points.

Once you join a raid or party the dashboard will appear. The dashboard is where you will be able to view all the buffs RBS checks for, plus other stats such as raid health, how many people are alive, and raid mana. The buffs are represented by corresponding icons with a number in the center. This number lets you know exactly how many party members are missing each buff. If these icons are hovered over you can then see the names of each player that is missing that particular buff.

Already this mod has made most raid leaders lives that much easier, but it gets even better! From the dashboard you can report to raid or party the names of the players who are missing buffs. You can choose to either report for Trash or a Boss. If you choose Trash all buffs except elixirs and soul stone will be counted, if you choose Boss it will take into account all possible buffs. To report on a buff you simply Shift-Click on the icon for that buff, or you can also choose to save someone some embarrassment and whisper them instead by Control-Clicking instead.

On top of all the awesome things RBS already does (and does well) it can now check specs, help you buff, and provides tank taunt warnings as well as crowd control warnings. One of the things I especially liked was if a Fish Feast was provided, and someone did not get the food buff, when the Feast came close to expiring the mod would whisper the slacking players with a gentle reminder. To see the full list of warnings, and other amazing features RBS provides I once again direct you to the homepage listed above.

The true test for me though was when I decided to try my hand at the options menu. Nothing frustrates me more than a mod that takes a degree in rocket science to customize. Once again though I was pleasantly surprised. The RBS options window turned out to be easy to figure out, and even easier to customize to my needs. When open, the options window provides a list of all the buffs, and how you would like the buffs to be monitored. Simply check or uncheck an option to turn it on or off. RBS gives you full control of almost everything making it so each user can easily modify it to suit their raiding needs.

There were two very minor hitches that I came across while using the mod. The first was RBS did not seem to recognize holiday food, even though it was just as good as any other food. This meant that people were being whispered who didn’t really need to be whispered, and it became rather annoying. The second came when more than one member of the raid had the mod downloaded. While only one RBS (thankfully) would report and whisper players you never could tell which player’s RBS was going to be the primary mod. On one night it even switched from one player to another halfway through the raid.

Overall though I was beyond satisfied with the mod, and would recommend it to any raid leader who is trying to whip those slacking players into shape. Nothing makes someone buff faster than seeing your name come across in raid chat. Of course this mod won’t be for everyone. Some may even find it annoying. While I appreciate the extra warning, some users may not be of the same mindset. In fact some people may get down right agitated when you point out their lack of buffs. So users beware. I personally plan on continuing to use it to aid in my raiding, and hope that all who try it out get as much benefit out of it as I have.