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How to Get Ready for Cataclysm

Stock up on gold - This is a huge one. This has been said before and will be again, no matter what else I say in this article, currency is king. While a lot of other things are good to do, and may be important, anything can change in the release of Cataclysm, therefore somethings could be wrong, however, gold ALWAYS can help. How much gold should you have? The more the better, but since gold is so easy to get and with many high level items going for over 10,000 gold currently in the Auction House, I would suggest stockpiling at least 20,000 gold. This can be done fairly easily in just a few weeks, so get cracking!

Do some spring cleaning - I know it’s already fall, however be early. When was the last time you really used all that old gear sitting around in your bank? Are you really going to use all that leather or ore sitting there? Probably not, so get rid of it. Sell it all off and it will help you’re your stockpiling of gold. There are only a few things I really suggest hanging onto. They are anything that can be used with any of your professions that are for items that can give you skill points as soon as the skill cap is raised, any enchants, potions, elixirs, etc that will help while leveling, and any off set items that will be used for leveling.

Max your professions skills – If you do not already have all your professions at max level, get off your lazy butt and do it. You do not want to get to the new area, find a great pattern and have to go back to farm old materials to level your profession to be able to use it. Get all that over with now.

Prepare your off-spec – When the expansion launches you will be leveling again, to make this as enjoyable as possible you should get your leveling spec setup. This means you should focus on getting as many items as possible for whatever spec you plan on leveling as. For DPS players this is not a huge concern, but for tanks and healers it can be. Looking at talent builds and getting used to playing the one you plan to use can help, but since so much usually changes with the build in an expansion don’t get too set on what you think the build can do, it will more than likely change.

Finish gearing up – If you do not have a high level gear set for your main and off-spec, finish them up now. The final raid in WotLK is still on its way so you still have time and there are still some upgrade items for most players to get. While a set doesn’t have to be perfect since items will be replaced, it should still be a good set. Remember that many items from the Sunwell were not replaced by players until they started to raid in WotLK. This means that in all likelihood current endgame raid items will not be replaced until you get into the raids at level 85 in Cataclysm.

Sell off your remaining high end profession materials - Remember that when each expansion or major patch is released and new high level items are released the old ones drop in value significantly. Sell them all off now, other than what you need for enchants of your own!

Spend your badges - As soon as the new expansion gets here, none of the old items will be worth much as they will be a much lower item level than the new max. Therefore the badge reward items will be next to useless as soon as you start leveling. Spend your badges now and either get items that will help you level in the expansion or just grab some orbs or gems to sell off for gold. Either way, get rid of them soon!

Find a group or guild to level with – If you are looking at starting over at level 1 this is critical, and even if you are just going from 80-85 it can still be important. Most guilds will not be into raid mode for at least a month or two, so if you are not in a hard core raiding guild (which are the only ones that will really be raiding soon), then it may be time to find a friendly leveling guild to help get through the content faster.

Form a Progression Group - Many players focus on one thing in WoW and that is progression. If you are one of those players then start getting motivated and ready now. Start ahead of time. In fact many groups have already started. Plan out which class types you need and in what number, what kind of players you get along with, what times are good with everyone, and much more. If you can come up with a group of 10-12 like minded players for 10 man raids or 28-30 for 25 man raids you can be up and raiding within a few weeks of the expansion's release. They could be members of one guild, or just a bunch of friends from different guilds. This leads to the next point...

Get any character you need for that group in Cataclysm to 80 - While this seems like a no brainer, many of us still have alts kicking around that we want to play at the end game that are still at sub 80 levels. Your current main may not be the character that will be needed for your new progression group. If it isn’t, start working on leveling and gearing it up now.