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Skills & Spells

Skills and spells are the special abilities and combat moves that a character learns as they progress through their class. skills and spells are generally learned through your class trainer and cost a specific amount of money. This amount goes up related to your level, so purchasing new spells and abilities can be a significant challenge at later levels.

Skills and spells are made up of a few elements, generally a description, a casting or usage cost, an activation time and a cool down time.

Some skills are easy to understand and use, while other require careful practice to get the most out of. Some skills work well alone, other require interaction with other abilities to get the most out of. This is all part of the fun and challenge of the game. If you find some special combination or are looking for help on the best usage of a specific skill or spell check out's general WoW discussion forum here.

Different classes use different forces to cast spells or use skills. Warriors for example use rage to use their skills. Rage is built up by causing and receiving damage and builds over time in combat. Mages use mana to cast spells and this is regenerated slowly over time or quickly by drinking a mana potion. Rouges depend on energy which they regenerate quickly once out of combat.

Most skills do damage or heal in direct proportion to their mana, rage or energy cost; that is, the more expensive it is to cast, the better it is. However, each spell is different. Each class has different ratios of mana, rage and energy to spell effect.