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WOW GOLD MVP - WoW Beginners Guides - Quests


The first thing you will want to do in WoW is to start to collect some quests to complete. What you should look for is NPC's with a gold exclamation mark (!) over their heads. This is a NPC with a quest for you. All you need to do is walk over to the NPC and talk to them to gain the quest. It will be added to your quest log (on of the buttons along the bottom of the screen). When you complete the quest, head back to the NPC and they will have a gold question mark (?) over their head. When you talk to them this time, you will be rewarded with experience, money and potentially even items and additional quests.

You can only have 20 ongoing quests at a time so do not leave them for two long. If you need to drop quests, the original NPC will give it to you again when you visit them later.

When you look at your quest log you will notice that the quests show up in several colors: grey, green, yellow, orange and red. Some quests will also have elite listed after them in brackets.

The color symbolizes the ease of completing the quest and the expected reward. Most quests that you can complete solo will show up as green in color. You may also be able to complete yellow or orange quests solo, but they will be more difficult. You should avoid trying to solo red quests as you are extremely unlikely to be able to.

As you gain experience and levels the quests you have will downgrade in color and become easier. So a quest you gain at level 10 that is red, my turn orange once you get to level 12, and yellow at 14. As the quest becomes easier for you the experience reward goes down.

To complete orange and red quests you really need to form a group. This allows you to gain maximum experience from quests and progress quickly through levels.

The quests that display elite next to them symbolize quests where elite MOBs are likely to be encountered and should count as higher than normal difficulty. You should definitely not attempt an elite quest on your own.

Once a quest has been in your log uncompleted for a long time and you have gained many levels you may notice some quests turn grey. This means they are below your difficulty level and you will not gain much experience. Basically they are not worth doing any longer, unless you need them to work through a quest tree. A quest tree is a series of linked quests, where you need to complete them in order to access the next quest.