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WOW GOLD MVP - WoW Beginners Guides - Moving


One of the key points to WoW is movement, whether it be moving across an open field or navigating in a battle movement is important to getting anything done in WoW. Basic movement commands can be assigned through the program’s “Key Bindings” option, however the standard First Person Shooter “W.A.S.D.” patter is used as a base in WoW and improved upon.

Originally used by old First Person Shooter (FPS) players, W.A.S.D. is a very simple way to control movement. In WoW the W & S keys are used to control forward and backward movement while the A & D keys are used to turn from side to side, giving basic movement control of the character.

Most FPS players will immediately realize that A &D are normally used for strafing, however in WoW the side-step keys are Q & E, allowing left and right side-step movements for use in combats. This pre-defined control key is actually one of the better control systems out there and makes WoW a simpler game with easy to use controls.

Aside from standard movement, the most important movement command your character can learn to make use of is the jump command. Coming standard as the Space Bar on the keyboard, jumping can be used to get over obstacles or gaps and other hazards. Learning when and when not to use the space bar can become a great asset, so take some time to get a feel for how much distance you can get with a jump from your character.

Finally, remember the key to movement is to combine it with your skills to make the most effective combinations in combat. As a rogue you will learn that it is easier to side step around a stunned opponent to backstab him, then it would be to run fully around using the standard keys. Small things like this can make all the difference in World.