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WOW GOLD MVP - WoW Beginners Guides - Economy


The economy in World of Warcraft takes root off a standardized currency, a currency that is quite simple to get the hang of. The “coinage” of WoW is divided into 3 different kinds of coin; copper, silver, and gold. Obviously copper pieces are at the bottom of the economical ladder, whilst gold sits high at the top. The breakdown for coinage in WoW is as follows:

1 silver = 100 copper
1 gold = 100 silvers = 10,000 copper

Whilst money is the currency of WoW and all things are bought using it, there are other items that drive the economy of WoW. Magical items and Trade Ingredients are other examples of things people will search out to make trade with. Most players only keep coinage on them to afford whatever services (gryphon flights, etc, etc) they require and any remaining coinage is to be spent on the “prettier” things in life, such as magic items and trade items.

A lot of people consider Trade Professions simply a means of increasing your income, however these extra abilities add a sort of personalization to the game, and if you have a piece of an item someone needs you can make tons of coin off it. Just ask any gnomish engineer who’s wanted to build a mechanical squirrel for himself!

Just remember that gold isn’t everything in WoW. Having a good time and making new friends and enemies is all part of the fun of playing in an MMORPG. WoW is not like some game where “he who has the most wins”, it is a game where you can come on whenever you have time and get in some good times of fun!